Lubrita Products

White Oils

Lubrita Pure White mineral Oils
meets the highest standards of reliability and safety. Based on specially selected saturated paraffinic an cyclo-paraffinic hydrocarbons. Due to a special method of refining is this oil acid-free, colourless and odourless.

These types of Lubrita white oil have a wide range of applications in the industry.
Moreover this product can be used:
• pricision machines, which are not heavy loaded
• agriculture industry
• some polymers as a softener
• the textile and artificial silk industry
• household applications

Range of our White and Mineral Oils are trusted by many manufacturers. Used in different industries our whiteoils are offered in a number of grades and viscosities conforming the latest standards and norms.

Lubrita Technical White Oil
This white oil has a wide range of applications:
• as a lubricant for precision machining, sewing machines, other textile machining etc.
• as base material in the plastic, rubber, chemical and other industryprocesses
• as baseoil for insecticides

Note: This technical white oil can not be used in the medical or food industry where food can contaminate with the lubricant.

White Oils SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Pure White Oil 15 ISO VG15 White Oil Pdf
Lubrita Pure White Oil 22 ISO VG22 White Oil Pdf
Lubrita Pure White Oil 32 ISO VG32 White Oil Pdf
Lubrita Pure White Oil 46 ISO VG46 White Oil Pdf
Lubrita Pure White Oil 68 ISO VG68 White Oil Pdf
Lubrita Technical White Oil 15 ISO VG15 Tech White Oil Pdf