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Metalworking Fluids-MWO

Lubrita Cutting Fluid MU
-mineral cutting oil. This cutting oil is a water extendable mineral oil containing cutting fluid, which is usable for universal applications in metalworking.
Lubrita Cutting Fluid HSU - High quality emulsifying, semi-synthetic cutting fluid. This high quality emulsifying, semi-synthetic cutting fluid can be used for several universal applications in metalworking. This cutting oil can be used for machining or grinding of ferro- and non-ferro metals, especially aluminium and has a wide application area. This product provides excellent tool operating times. This cooling fluid is also applicable in combination with relative hard water.
Lubrita Cutting Oil MP -this neat multipurpose cutting oil can be used undeluted for cutting and boring of alloyed steels with a high tensile strength, but also for non-ferro and light metals. This oil has characteristics as hydraulic oil and industrial gear oil. A cutting oil based on hydro treated mineral base oils.
Lubrita Cutting Oil MFE- this neat cutting oil can be used undeluted for general machining of low carbon and light alloyed steels. This oil can also be used for grinding and cutting of wheels. N.B.: There is a risk of staining of non-ferro metals.
Lubrita Cutting Oil HFE- this heavy duty neat cutting oil has to be used undeluted for machining of high alloyed, stainless, austenitic, acid and heat resistant steels. This oil shows excellent results by working with difficult operations like deephole drilling, tapping, shaping or shaving of gears. N.B.: There is a risk of staining of non-ferro metals.
Lubrita Cooling Fluid B 236 - Full synthetic, emulsifying metalworking fluid. This biodegradable metalworking fluid is suitable for application in ferro and non-ferro metals, specially aluminium. Therfore this product has a wide application range.
Lubrita Honing Oil HN - This honing oil is undeluted used for the honing, lapping and grinding of aluminium, cast-iron and hardened steels. This oil is also used for machining high cutting speeds or and deep boring of non-ferro metals and glas and for the grinding of tools with diamond wheels.

Metalworking Fluids-MWO SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Cutting Oil MP Neat Multipurpose Cutting Oil Pdf
Lubrita Cutting Oil MFE Special Mist Reducing-MWO Pdf
Lubrita Cutting Oil HFE For Difficult Operations-MWO Pdf
Lubrita Cooling Fluid B 236 BIO Full Synthetic-MWO Pdf
Lubrita Honing Oil HN Honing oil Pdf