Lubrita Products


An automotive coolants ready to use based on monoethyleneglycol and demineralized water with addition of additives to obtain the following properties:
- a perfect protection of all types of metals that are used in engines and cooling systems
- a neutral behaviour towards seals, gaskets and hoses
- a very good resistance against formation of foam

This coolant may be used all the year round in the cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines. The coolants is ready for use.
Do not add water and protects against freezing down to -26 °C and -38 °C.

Performance Level
Meets the requirements of BS 6580:2010


Coolants SAE / ISO VG TDS
Lubrita Cooling Fluid 40/60 BS 6580:2010 (-26C) Pdf
Lubrita Cooling Fluid 50/50 BS 6580:2010 (-38C) Pdf