General Characteristics and Uses of Industrial Greases


Grease is generally used for reduction in friction in the machines. Greases are prepared with different kinds of things to make a structure of it that fulfill specific requirements of a particular element.  Exemple the grease which is used in Industrial machines would be different than grease which is used in car chassis. Grease contains 3 main ingredients which are Base oil, Thickener and Additives. There are different kinds of additives that depend on the properties, that a producer would want to produce.

How Come Grease?

The features of grease are completely based on its thickness, which is the reliability of the grease. Some of them need more thickness and other may be fine with normal level of thickness. The motive behind using grease rather than any other oil depends on thickness, that ordinary oil does not have more thickness than grease. Grease provides more viscosity than the oil. That is why, in different kind of industries lubrication, there difficulties lubricate with oil, grease is used.

General-Uses of Greases:

There are many common types of greases, which are mostly used in homes and farms. They are prepared with common requirements so that it can be commonly used.
Like example, greases for motocycle, bicycle wheel bearings, etc.

Motocycle wheels bearing lubrication with grease:


Bicycle wheel bearing lubrication with grease:


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