Some factors, which commonly causes failure in gearboxes

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The gearbox is an ordinary device that is being used in machines and automobiles and many different equimpent. Gearbox needs right product and complete oiling or lubrication in the accurate quantity.
There are some factors, which commonly causes failure in gearboxes, how can we stay away from them?

Those factors are:

  • Dryness in gear box
  • Corrosion in gearbox due to little lubrication
  • Inappropriate Lubricant

    Dryness in Gearbox:
    If a gear box is being utilized when it is dry or it does not have lubricant in it, it will cause failure of the machine. If you do not want it to be seized,
    never let it dried, you need it to be lubricated with appropriate Automotive Gear oil. So, this is how you can save it from dryness.

    Insufficient Lubricant:
    Another reason of failure is if it does not have enough oil it will prevent the gearbox to work. It will be getting stuck by insufficient lubrication, and at the end when there will be no lubricant remain in it, it will be failed to be utilized. Then, you will be in problem.
    To know the lubrication process, you can simply go towards the manual or a catalog which manufacturer of the machine has provided you. You can find out your answer there of how much oil does this machine required?

    Improper Lubricant:
    Here goes another reason of failure in gear box, it occurs when an unsuitable lubricant applied in the gearbox. The manufacturers have mentioned the appropriate type of lubricant that should be used in gear box, as they are well known after identifying and examine appropriate lubricants that are supposed to be applied in the machines and its parts.

Gearbox is the most important part to run the machines or automobiles, we should take care while lubricating. We should go through the manual before doing and getting it maintained. We should check whether it is lubricated with the lubricant which is mentioned in the catalogue or manuals.These are the simple steps which can help us in increasing the life of the gearbox.

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