Lubrita International become a member of GS1 organization!

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Lubrita International all manufactured products and packages are marked by EAN codes.

Passanger cars motor oils, Heavy duty diesel engine oils, Automotive gear oils, Agricultural oils, Hydraulic oils, Industrial gear oils, Commpresor oils, Slideway oils, Form oils, Heat transfer thermo oils and other special products.

  • more as 200 Lubrita intems and products marked by EAN Bar codes.
  • more as 6 different packages like 1000 IBC‘ies, 200 L drums, 20 L pails, 5 L, 4 L and 1 L cans with EAN codes.

It helps to our Lubrita distributors and their customers indentify our products, creating solutions to support product authentication and traceability. This reduces spoilage and inventory levels, further reducing costs.

GS1 DataBar™ symbols can carry more information and identify items.

They continue to provide a revolutionary leap forward for our world every time the bar code goes "Beep". Young people today cannot comprehend a world without the sound of the little "Beep", but when combined across our globe, the symphony of "Beeps" continues to lead to a world of benefits. Every "Beep" gives families more time to spend together because they are not waiting in shopping lines and because more and more often every year they find the product they want when they visit their favorite store.

Every "Beep" gives families more money to spend. When the scanner "reads" a bar code, it reduces cost and the tiny savings are multiplied by billions of "Beeps" per day. Beyond this, the "Beeps" give better visibility to consumer demand and the supply needed to meet it. GS1 manages a global system that allows companies all around the world to globally and uniquely identify their physical things like trade items (products & services), assets, logistic units, shipments, and physical locations and logical things like a corporation or a service relationship between provider and recipient. With the connection made, one world of global commerce comes into view.

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