Mineral or Synthetic Lubricants - Which one is Better..??

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Globally, it has been realized that the synthetic products are not better than natural products if we think about food, but if we discuss the case of lubricants like example motor oil, Lubrita have been developing and working on a wide range of synthetic oils and lubricant products, that have much better improvement and properties than mineral based oils mineral oil lubricants.

Why it is better Synthetic oil  vs Mineral oil?
The synthetic base oils provide immense performance, because they are being prepared using advanced and very refined chemical processes that control the detailed molecular structure (picture bellow shows Synthetic and Mineral oils molecules structure)
and gives an epic experience. Therefore their properties such as fully synthetic oils named as Lubrita synthetic oils, shows better properties as conventional oils.

The Synthetic oils are fully designed to improve the fluidity and smoothness in the transmission at the wide temperature range, such of cold when engine starts or hot then engine runing.
They are heat resistant that helps to stand against the corrosion and easier to protect using anti-oxidant additives, which provides a great life to the engine.
“Oxidation is a natural process of oil degradation that occurs over time”.

For example, in comparison with a mineral oil, fully
synthetic lubricants have much better properties:
• It keeps clean engine up to five times better
• It protects up to three times better
• Less than half of engine wears
• Better low- and high-temperature viscosity performance at service temperature extremes
• Better chemical & shear stability
• Decreased evaporative loss
• Resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problems
• Extended drain intervals with the environmental benefit of less oil waste
• Improved fuel economy (FE) in certain engine configurations
• Better lubrication during extreme cold weather starts
• Better engine cooling properties during operation in hot weather or traffic jam
• Much longer engine life 




Below are the Foremost Advantages of Lubrita Synthetic Motor Oils:
• They are high in purity and superiority in mineral base oils, which intimates fewer unwanted ingredients, such as sulfur compounds or hydrocarbon reactive or unstable
• They contain molecular composition which are more reliable and constant, which helps in reducing the friction level of liquids and boost the performance of the engines
• They are reliable to qualify the requirements of modern engines.
Lubrita Synthetic Lubricants are specially designed to operate and control in extreme conditions that arise in modern equipment and engines


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