How to Choose Best Suitable Hydraulic Lubricants?

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Hydraulic oils are liquids used as power transmitters normally used to transform, transmit control and generate mechanical stress through a variation in pressure or flow.

Hydraulic fluids main functions:

  • It main function is to transmit power of one point to another.
  • Perform the seal between moving parts to reduce friction and wear.
  • Lubricate and protect against rust or corrosion system parts.
  • Suffer no physical or chemical change or the smallest possible.
  • Provide protection against mechanical wear.

Main properties of hydraulic fluid:

  • Appropriate viscosity.
  • Minimum change in viscosity with temperature.
  • Stability against shear.
  • Low compressibility.
  • Good lubricity.
  • Inert to seals and tubing materials.
  • Good resistance to oxidation.
  • Thermal stability hydrolytic.
  • Features corrosion.
  • Foaming properties.
  • Absence of harmful action.


Hydraulic Oils Most Important Parameters:
There are some most important parameters should be as per standards to choose for your hydraulic lubricants need. For better performance in every requirement; effectively

Operating Temperature:
Influence the physical and chemical properties of the fluid. The high temperature condition affects the fluid life, its film strength, viscosity, etc.. Low temperature may present problems due to difficulties in pumping. High temperature transmissions working outside may affect accuracy from -15 ° C to +45 ° C.

It’s Viscosity:
This affects the frictional properties of the fluid, the operation of the pump, cavitation, energy consumption and the controllability of the system.

It’s Compatibility:
It has great importance for the hydraulic oil fluid with the metals, with closure seals, etc.. It is also essential that the fluid exerts a corrosion protection of metals, with copper being one of the least desirable for hydraulic power for its catalyst.

It’s Stability:
Thermal and hydrolytic stability and corrosion resistance are of great interest life for both fluid and equipment.

Speed Response:
It is the key to main functionality in hydraulic systems. The precision of movements and directed mechanisms depends on the fluid viscosity and compressibility characteristics. The presence of this air lowers speed and can cause cavitations.

Film Resistor and It’s Pressure:
This is a complex property that is related to their ability to reduce friction and wear. The pressure is essential to the performance of both fluid and the life of the equipment, so it is necessary to obtain a high precision movement fluid compressibility has the lowest possible.

Considering all these parameters, allows and define the main properties that must submit a fluid that is suitable for use in hydraulic systems.
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