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Lubrita International is proud to offer globally Lubrita transformer oils Lubrita Trafo Univolta 13X and Lubrita Trafo Univolta 13T. In close cooperation with LBC Tank Terminals , which is one of the world largest global operator of bulk liquid storage facilities for oil products we can deliver Lubrita insulating oils to any globe location easily. LBC operate a global network of terminals with a combined storage capacity of close to 3 million m3 at key locations in Europe,
USA and China.

LBC terminals worldwide

Lubrita transformer oils offer
High grade transformer oil - Lubrita Trafo Univolta 13X is inhibited insulating oil with extremely good electrical and excellent properties meeting IEC 60296, special applications, including the fulfillment of specific requirements for special applications. Developed and formulated to deliver strong resistance to oil degradation, Trafo Univolta 13X provides excellent oxidation stability for a longer transformer life with less maintenance.
Standard grade transformer oil - Lubrita Trafo Univolta 13T is uninhibited transformer oil that conforms to IEC 60296. Developed and formulated to deliver solid resistance to oil degradation, Trafo Univolta 13T provides good oxidation stability thanks to its natural inhibitors. This increases the possibilities for a longer transformer life with less maintenance.

History of transformer
History of transformers back to date of 1880 year. First high voltage 400 KV (Kilovolt is a measure of voltage) electrical power system was introduced in 1950. Later in 1970’s unit rating increased and was large as 1100 MVA were produced 800 KV. In 1980 years produced even higher KV class.

Types of transformer
Transformers can be categorized in different ways, depending upon their purpose, use, construction.
The types of transformer are as follows:
• Step up transformer and step down transformer –generally used for stepping up and down the voltage level of power in transmission and distribution power network.
• Single and three phase transformers –generally used in three phase power system as it is cost effective. Bank three phase’s transformers it is easier to transport three single phase unit separately than one single three phase unit.
• Electrical power transformer, distribution transformer and instrument transformer –generally used in transmission network is normally known as Power Transformer, distribution transformer is used in distribution network.
• Two winding transformer and auto transformer –generally used where ratio between high voltage and low voltage is greater than single and three phase transformers. It is cost effective to use later where the ratio between High Voltage and Low Voltage is less than single and three phase transformers.
• Outdoor transformer and indoor transformer –these transformers designed for installing at outdoor is outdoor transformer and transformers designed for installing at indoor is indoor transformer.

Transformer oils, Insulating oils market
Transformer oil market is quite large around the globe. The global transformer oil market revenue is estimated to reach $2.47 billion by 2017. The major factors responsible for transformer oils market growth include increasing power requirements in developing and emergency regions, rising investments to infrastructure, enlargement of electricity grids and rising transition towards renewable energy resources.

Transformer oil types
By Types of insulating and transformer oils we can find mineral oil - naphthenic and paraffinic, silicone and Bio-based. Applications for small and large transformers, utility. Transformer oil is a dielectric fluid mainly used in oil filled electrical transformers as an insulating and cooling fluid. The primary purpose of transformer oil is to insulate and cool the transformer windings and core. Mineral oil based transformer oils dominate in the market as it has good electrical and cooling properties, and provides cost-effective solution.

Parameters of transformer oil
Electrical Parameters – dielectric strength, specific resistance, dielectric dissipation.
Chemical Parameter – water content, acidity, sludge content.
Physical Parameters – viscosity, flash point, pour point.

Transformers Manufacturers and Market Shares
ABB transformers 16%, Siemens transformers 11%, Alstom transformers 10%, Mitsubishi transformers 6%, GE transformers 6%, Toshiba transformers 4% , Hitachi transformers 4%, Howard transformers 4%, Waukesha transformers 4%, Nissin transformers 4%, Crompton-Pauwels transformers 3%, Schneider transformers 3%, Cooper transformers 2%, Kuhlman transformers 2%, Daihen transformers 2%, Others transformers manufacturers 19%.

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