LUBRITA CT 5 A - introduced solvent oil based rust preventative product


New Product! Multi purpose Rust Preventive Oil.
Long term storage, up to 3 years in door storage.


CT 5 A is an oil dispersed, non-staining rust preventative designed to deposit a light oily film which provides indoor protection on sheet steel and other ferrous parts.
The CT 5 A will neutralize fingerprints and provides excellent water displacing characteristics while preventing the formation of black stains when parts are stored in contact with each other.

• Satisfies CAT 1E 4971 Corrosion Preventative - Short Term Indoor Storage Specification
• Low odor based solvent for worker health and safety
• Help in the design of corrosion protection
• Barium free
• Low residues for clean package and handling and post machining processes
• Excellent for in-process rust protection

Corrosion inhibition usually results from one or more of three general mechanisms:

•The inhibitor molecule is adsorbed on the metal surface by the process of chemisorption, forming a thin protective film either by itself or in conjunction with metallic ions.
•The inhibitor causes a metal to form its own protective film of metal oxides, thereby increasing its resistance.
•The inhibitor reacts with a potentially corrosive substance in the water.
When choosing the corrosion inhibitor for your application, several things need to be considered, as follows:
•Materials to be protected
•Method of application (dip, spray, brush, etc.)
•Type of protection required (in process, storage or shipping)
•Type and thickness of coating residue desired
•Storage, packaging and/or shipping conditions (temperature, humidity seasonal conditions)
•Interaction with subsequent processes, if not removed
•Environmental, health and safety requirements
•Type of product (oil/solvent or water-based)


LUBRITA CT 5 A it's medium term corrosion inhibitor helps customers store products safe and in good shape. Increase productivity, reduce cost and increase profits.

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