LUBRITA chemical - technical products, clean and care systems for vehicles and industry.

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LUBRITA EUROPE B.V. produce wide range of products for car care and variuous applications fuel and engine additives. Success story in Asian market, especially in South Korea shows significant growth in sales of Lubrita Nano Engine Super Protector additive.


Lubrita Nano Engine Super Protector additive forms a highly efficient nano anti-friction barrier in the oil and optimizes the operational efficiency of the engine. Improved oil flow during cold start, smoother and quieter engine running, increased performance, extended life span of equipment, excellent “run dry” properties. Fuel consumption will be reduced.

All LUBRITA chemical - technical products, clean and care systems for vehicles and industry. The product range reaches from products for the cleaning and maintenance of circulation systems like oil circulation systems, fuel systems or cooling systems until air conditions, automatic and manual transmissions and specially adjusted products for bikes and boats.

LUBRITA company develop and produce products,which actually contain active ingredients that optimize the combustion process. At the same time our cleaning and care products for diesel as well as for petrol engines  are fully compliantwith the norms DIN EU 590 for diesel fuels and DIN EU 228 for petrol fuels.

Next to the price and quality of a product the origin plays an increasingly crucial role for the consumer.
Products “Made in Germany” not only nationally, but internationally enjoy a high reputation. This especially applies for products of the automotive industry. LUBRITA products unique quality, and an approved benefit are important arguments for many customers worldwide!

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