LUBRITA BMW Oil Premium LL-12 Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30

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Lubrita Eco Life C2 LL SAE 0W-30 
it‘s premium LL-12 Fuel Economy oil for BMW cars.

Synthetic Mid SAPS Oil for diesel and gasoline engines with or without turbocharging.
Lubrita Eco Life C2 LL SAE 0W-30 oil offers a considerable fuel savings through its special additives package and art of lubricant formulation.
Special formulated Lubrita BMW engine oil protects the turbocharger from deposits and allows maximum performance!

Quality classification


Premium LL-12 Fuel Economy SAE 0W-30 is tried and tested in practice in aggregates requiring adherence to manufacturer’s fluid specifications:

• BMW-Longlife-12 FE


• An excellent detergent and dispersant properties.
• Excellent protection against wear, corrosion and foaming.
• Maintain oil film thickness at different temperature and pressure regimes.
• Excellent fuel savings under all operating conditions in different climate environment.
• Excellent engine cold starting properties.

Charge Your BMW engine with Lubrita oil!

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