Expand your range of products with LUBRITA Brand!

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The demand for products that preserve and support the sensitive design features made to meet the
stringent European norms is especially brisk in the automotive industry.
Besides, LUBRITA Europe B.V. designs and tests service and application tools for cleaning operation circuits in vehicles and industrial plants.

Expand your range of products with LUBRITA additives. 
Automotive and industrial care and protection special developed products!

Are you looking to gain an edge over your competitors and would like to expand your range of products?
You can simply choose from more than 300 automotive and industrial additives and care products which we have to offer expand your business...

Dieselsystemreiniger | Diesel System Cleaner
Dieselsystemreinigung & -schutz | Common-Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect
Hochleistungsreiniger für Dieselsysteme | Diesel System Super Clean
Dieselschutz Winter | Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel

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LUBRITA additives products range:

Fuel Systems Diesel 

Common-Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect 
Diesel System Super Clean 
Diesel System Cleaner 
Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel 1:200** 
Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel 1:1000** 
Guard Fill - Diesel  
Diesel Anti Smoke 
Cetane Booster** 
DPF Top Gun Cleaner 
Triple X Air Intake Cleaner - Diesel 
Diesel Applicator Spray  
Diesel Anti-Bacteria 1:200 
Diesel Anti-Bacteria 1:1000 
DPF Power Cleaner 
DPF Flushing Liquid 
DPF Catalyst Cleaner 

Fuel Systems Petrol 

OXICAT - Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner 
Fuel System Cleaner 
Fuel System Water Remover 
Valves- and Injection System Cleaner 
Octane Booster** 
Octane Premium** 
Air Intake Cleaner Triple X Petrol 
Fuel Applicator Spray 
Guard Fill - Petrol 
Powermaxx Lead Substitute** 
Flex Treatment - Fuel System Cleaner Bio Ethanol 

Engine Care

Oil System Cleaner  
Nano Engine Super Protection 
Oil System Care 
Engine Oil Stop Leak 
Oil Anti Smoke 
Hydraulik Lifter Care 

LPG Systems 

LPG System Clean & Protect 
Fill-In Adapter 
Petrol System Cleaner LPG 
LPG Valve Lube 
LPG Lubrication System 
LPG Lubrication System Set 

Radiator System 

Radiator Antifreeze - red - G12 
Radiator Antifreeze - blue - G11 
Radiator Oil Cleaner 2-components 
Radiator Flush 
Radiator Conditioner 
Radiator Stop Leak  

Power Steering 

Power Steering Cleaner  
Power Steering Nano Protect


Automatic Transmission Flush 
Automatic Transmission Conditioner  
Gear Oil Stop Leak 
Easy Gear 
Cleaner for Manual Transmission & Differentials 
Protection for Manual Transmissions & Differentials

Air Conditioning 

Klima-Fresh Fluid Vaporiser 
Klima Fresh Fluid Vaporiser - Citrus 
Klima Fresh - Orange 
Aircondition Foam Cleaner 
Air Conditioning Cleaner - Liquid 
Special Air Condition System Cleaner  
Disinfectant Fluid 
Disinfectant Fluid + Cabin Air Freshener


Bike-Line Oil System Cleaner 
Bike-Line Oil System Guard & Care 
Bike-Line Fuel System Cleaner 2-Stroke 
Bike-Line Fuel System Cleaner 4-Stroke 
Scooter Fuel System Clean and Care 2-Stroke 
Scooter Fuel System Clean and Care 4-Stroke 
Bike-Line Fuel Stabilizer 


Snowmobile Fuel System Cleaner 2-Stroke 
Snowmobile Fuel System Cleaner 4-Stroke 


Boat-Line Oil System Cleaner 
Boat-Line Oil System Guard and Care 
Boat-Line Diesel System Cleaner 
Boat-Line Diesel Anti Bakterial 
Boat-Line Fuel System Cleaner 2-Stroke 
Boat-Line Fuel System Cleaner 4-Stroke 
Boat-Line Outbord Motor Fuel System Cleaner 2-Stroke 
Boat-Line Outbord Motor Fuel System Cleaner 4-Stroke
Boat-Line Jet-Ski Fuel System Clean & Care
Boat-Line Fuel System Water Remover

Vehicle Preparation 

Abrasive Paste 
Fine Polishing Paste 
High Gloss Anti-Hologram Polish 
Modelling Clay blue (very fine) 
Nano Finisher 
Express Polish Acryl-PTFE-Polish 
Polish & Wax 
Wheel Rim Cleaner 
Wheel Rim Cleaner Gel 
Tyre Black 
Windscreen Cleaner  
Pump & Clean Window Cleaner Concentrate 1:100 
Windscreen Cleaner Summer 
Car summer 
Insect Remover 
Engine Cleaner 
Universal Cleaner 
Upholstery Cleaner 
Caravan Cleaner 
Leather Care Set 
Windscreen Antifreeze -25°C 
Windscreen Antifreeze Concentrate -60°C 
Door Lock Defroster 
Defrost Spray 
Car winter box 

Service- and Maintenance Aerosols 

Brake Cleaner Spray  
Brake Cleaner acetone-free - Fluid 
Brake Cleaner Spray (with Acetone)  
Brake Cleaner with acetone  
Brake Anti Seize 
Throttle Body Cleaner 
Super Start Spray 
Electronic Spray 
Installation Cleaner 
Airflow Sensor Cleaner 
Plastic and Rubber Care 
Cockpit Spray 
Multi-Function Foam Spray 
Supra X Polish Stainless Steel Care 
Special Maintenance 
Bio Multi Spray 
Power Lube  Nano-Tec
Adhesive Grease Spray
Teflon White Grease
Silicone Spray
Copper Spray - Lacquer
Copper Spray Anti-Seize
Zinc Spray
Rust Remover
MoS2 Rust Remover
Rust Remover with frost-shock effect
Injector Dismantling Aid

Greases, Pastes and Sealants 

Multi Purpose Grease K2K-30 DIN51502 
Friction and Roller bearing DIN51502, Li-Ca, 
Silicone Grease 
Copper Paste  
Silicone Sealing Compound black 
Silicone Sealing Compound grey 

Nano Sealing Technology 

Nano Car-Glass Sealant K1 + K2 
Glass Protect application ampoule 
Glass Protect - Profi Set 
Nano Sealant Set for Outdoor Glass Surfaces-single comp. 
Pre-protect cleaning milk Glas 
Profi-Nano-Paintwork Sealant Set 
Profi Nano Paintwork Sealant 
Paintwork Super Gloss Polish  
Nano Wheel Rim Sealant for 12 rims 
Nano-Wheel Sealant 
Nano Clean & Conserve for wheels 
Nano Bike Sealant Set 
Nano Clean & Conserve for plastic surfaces 
Nano Textile Sealant 
Nano Textile Sealant Set 
Nano Clean & Conserve Textile 
Nano Glass-/Ceramic Sealant Set 
Nano Clean & Conserve Glass and Ceramic 
Nano Wood-/Stone Sealant Set 
Nano Clean & Conserve Wood-Stone 
Nano Headlight Restore Kit 
Crystal Clear Profi Nano Sealant Set 

Cleaning & Care 

Insect Remover 
Wheelwash Supra S acidic
Wheelwash Supra S Antifoam 
Antifoam Additive 
Cold Cleaner CS 
High Gloss Dry Ultra X 
Nano Highgloss Dry 
Easy Dry - Drying Agent 
Brushwash Standard 
Brushwash N (neutral)  
Nano Shampoo & Wax 
Shampoo & Wax 
Highpress Ultra X 
Spray Ex 2000 
Hallclean Ultra X 
Floor Cleaner 
Plastic and Rubber Care 
Car and Multifunction Brushes 
Pump Spray Bottle, chemical-resistant (yellow) 
Drain Cocks

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