Natural Gas, Bio-gas and Landfill gas Engine Oils

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Lubrita‘s Gas Engine Oils meet the demands of your operation.

The severe operating conditions common to natural gas fuelled engines used in gas compression, power generation and cogen/CHP demand a Natural Gas Engine Oil (NGEO) that delivers performance and extended oil life while helping you maintain excellent control of engine deposits.

Lubrita‘s Industrial Gas Engine Oil series LA SAE 40, MA SAE40 and HA SAE 40
Natural Gas Engine Oils are a family of premium performance, long-life engine oil products specially formulated to lubricate natural gas engines.

Lubrita Industrial Gas Engine Oil BG/LF 40
Specialy developed lubricant for bio gas and landfill gas engines.

This gas engine oil is special developed for the lubrication of four stroke gas engines, when bio- and/or landfill gases are used with a relatively high pollution. The use of special modern high quality base oils together with new developed additives result in the following properties:

reduction of deposits in the combustion chamber and on the valves
good noise reducing properties
very good oxidation resistance
very strong acid neutralizing capacity
excellent cleaning properties
a good protection against wear
excellent filterability

Lubrita Industrial Gas Engine Oil BG/LF 40 performance specifications:
Jenbacher class B / class C, Jenbacher Type 2 and 3, Jenbacher Type 4 Version A, B, Jenbacher Type 6,
Versions up to Version E.

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