Lubrita Biodegradable Oils for Hydraulic Equipments

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Lubrita Biodegradable Oils for Hydraulic Equipments
Designed for High Efficiency

Lubrita Biodegradable Oils have a proven track record having been in the market for the long time.
Eco products can replaced many petroleum products with biodegradable lubricating products that help protect the environment and lead to sustainability.

Lubrita markets bio-based lubricating products to different industries and anyone need environmentally friendly products. Our bio-lubricants provides very high quality hydraulic oils and other bio-based products.
Lubrita hydraulic fluid based on biodegradable synthetic esters, and these oil is especially developed for situations where pollution of the environment is expected. Environment compatibile.
DIN 51524, HVLP, FZG > 12, Biological degradability CEC-L33-T82>90% (3 weeks), Ecolabel.

Elastomer Compatibility: Tested Nitrile Butadiene NBR1-pass, Tested Fluor Carbon FMK2-pass, (-40C)

Lubrita Hydroflow Bio SB HVLP series are very high quality hydraulic oils based on biodegradable synthetic esters under addition of additives to obtain the following properties:

• high and stable viscosity index
• excellent wear-preventing properties
• very good activity against corrosion
• excellent stability against oxidation (even at high temperatures)
• very good deaerating and foam suppressing properties
• good compatibility with seals and gaskets made from synthetic material
• very low pour point
• good water separation
• reduced harm for water and soil during use
• contains a large fraction of biobased material

These biodegradable hydraulic oils suitable for heavy duty hydraulic systems of earthmoving, equipment and permanent installations, that have to work under high pressures over a wide temperature range. Lubrita Hydraulic oils product line was expanded to meet customers demand by adding Lubrita Hydroflow Bio SB HVLP  series products to our list of LOB we can offer for our valued customers.

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