Lubrita Engine Oil Recommendations for Porsche cars

Porsche Lubrita engine oil recommendations_Lubricants news.jpg

Porsche and the right Lubrita oils for your vehicle.

If your owners manual says you need an oil meeting the Porsche specification Porsche A40 or C30 specification, all the Lubrita oils listed here are suitable.

Porsche A40 oils are for petrol engined Porsche cars.

Lubrita Go Life SAE 0W-40 | Porsche oil Secification A40

Lubrita Go Life SAE 5W-40 | Porsche oil Secification A40

Lubrita Eco Life C3 SAE 5W-40 | Porsche oil Secification A40

The diesel engined Porsche Cayenne models use the alternative Porsche C30 specification.

Lubrita Long Life OEM 5W-30 |
Porsche oil Secification C40

Always observe the following points:
– Use engine oils correct specifications approved by Porsche. This is a precondition for optimum and problem-free operation of your vehicle.
– Regular oil changes are part of servicing.

It is important that the service intervals, particularly the oil change intervals, are observed in accordance with the specifications.

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