Heavy-duty truck and engine OEM's seek global regulatory harmonization

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The world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty commercial trucks and engines, including European, North American and Japanese, recently met in Tokyo to discuss further progress in regulatory harmonization and cooperation among regulators to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption associated with on-road freight transport. Susumu Hosoi, president of Isuzu Motors Ltd. and chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (JAMA) Heavy Vehicle Committee, chaired the meeting of more than 10 global truck and engine manufacturers. He stated that “heavy-duty engine and vehicle manufacturers are making clear progress in exhaust emission reductions and fuel efficiency improvements with sustained efforts.”

This is the twelfth meeting that has been held to discuss these global issues for the heavy-duty sector. Specific issues covered this time included the need to expand the worldwide heavy-duty emissions certification procedure (WHDC). Attendees agreed to work with their local governments to expand WHDC, as well as support the United Nations in establishing a globally harmonized hardware in-the-loop simulation (HILS) for heavy-duty hybrid certification. They also agreed upon the need for global action for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, global diesel fuel specifications, and further need of discussion on safety measures.

*source: F n L reports.

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