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Hand Care

Lubrita hand care products: protect, clean and care.

In today’s world hands are exposed daily to a range of industrial pollutants. This takes its toll on the skin.

Optimal protection, cleaning and care of your skin is critical for keeping your hands in good condition.

Lubrita makes the right products for every use. With easy-to-read colour coding on the packaging, you can

see in one glance which products in the Lubrita hand care programme protect, clean, disinfect or care for

your hands.


Materials that are harsh on the skin can lead to long-term skin damage. Lubrita Hand Protect Lotion protects

your hands against damaging materials that come in contact with skin. Even if you wear protective gloves,

your hands can sustain damage. Skin transpires, swells and weakens inside gloves, which can leave your

hands susceptible to the harsh effects of operating mechanical equipment. Hand Protect Lotion protects your

skin and makes cleaning your skin easier. It’s simple to use: apply to clean, dry skin prior to doing work and

after washing hands.


The right hand cleaner is determined by which type of contaminant is present. Consult the product

recommendation guide to select the right product for your needs. Lubrita hand cleaners are carefully

composed and focused on effective cleaning and optimal hand care. Rub a small amount of hand cleaner

into dry hands until dirt loosens. A small amount of water can be added if desired. Rinse with water or a clean

towel and dry hands well.


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