Lubrita Greases - New product lines with improved properties and applications

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Lubrita Greases
  Applications by Industry
Lubrigrease Universal EP 2   Multi Purpose grease for bearing lubrication
Lubrigrease Universal Moly EP 2   Multi Purpose Moly, Heavy load grease
Lubrigrease EP  2   Automotive grease for MAN 283 Li-P, Mercedes-Benz 267.0, Volvo 97718
Lubrigrease Moly EP 2   Automotive Moly grease, MAN 285
Lubrigrease Wire 1615   Heavy loads, wire applications
Lubrigrease OG 1705   Heavy loaded open gears grease
Lubrigrease FM X36   High load, medium speed, medium temperatures, food grade grease
Lubrigrease FM X66   Medium load, medium speed, high/low temperatures, food grade grease
Lubrigrease FM T2   Medium load, low speed, medium/high temperatures, wet conditions, food grade
Lubrigrease EPX 00   Cental lubrication systems
Lubrigrease EPX 12   Industrial multi-purpose, mineral, electric motors
Lubrigrease EPX 22   Industrial multi-purpose, wheel bearing grease, NLGI LB/GC, Volvo 97720
Lubrigrease EPX 225   Wheel bearing grease, trucks
Lubrigrease EPX 52   High temp grease, continous casters, steel mills
Lubrigrease SEP 2   Synthetic extreme temperature grease
Lubrigrease SEP 12   Synthetic grease for electrical motors
Lubrigrease SEP 415   High temperature industrial, synthetic grease
Lubrigrease HT 2   Extreme high temperature grease
Lubrigrease LC EP 2   Heavy duty industrial and automotive, sliding bearings grease
Lubrigrease LB EP 515   High temp grease, heavy load, continous casters, steel mills
Lubrigrease LB SEP 415   High temp grease, heavy load, continous casters, steel mills, synthetic
Lubrigrease LC EPX 2   Steel mills, heavy  loads, shocks and water flushing
Lubrigrease BIO EP 12   Heavy loads, wet applications, biodegradable
Lubrigrease BIO EP 52   Heavy Loads, wet applications, offroad & agricultural general lubrication
Lubrigrease SEP 62   High speed, chemically resistant, non-soap based grease
Lubrigrease CEP 1   Coupling grease, Meets AGMA CG-1 and AGMA CG-2
Lubrigrease C 3   Propeller shaft grease
Lubrigrease WR 0   Water resistant, offroad equipment grease
Lubrigrease WR 2   water resistant, offroad equipment grease
Lubrigrease WRI 415   Water resistant heavy duty industrial grease
Lubrigrease WRM 2   Water resistant heavy duty special marine grease

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