Lubrita Introducing for customers High quality, cost effective Flexitanks for lubricants deliveries

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Lubrita Introducing for customers high quality, cost effective Flexitanks for lubricants deliveries.

Our business partner Flexitanks manufacture, sell and operate flexi-tanks for chemicals and food industries.  One of our focus is to offer a high level of customized Logistics products to a select group of clients currently shipping their products around the world. Our client base is blue-chip chemical and food manufacturing companies, each of which requires the use of an international specialist bulk liquid service provider, which is able to deliver their product in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

With offices in the USA, Europe and a global agency structure, provides comprehensive transportation solutions for bulk liquids (Lubrita lubricants) cargo Worldwide.
With years of experience in the field, boasts a highly qualified compliment of staff to handle all your sales, operational, technical questions and needs. We strive to become number one in the market providing unrivalled customer service.

The Global tank can be summarised in 3 words: Strong, Safe, Versatile.

To achieve such robust performance, the GLOBAL TANK consists of one piece thermoplastic construction. We utilise a low density, multi-ply polyethylene that provides high tensile strength and stretch, energy absorption and resistance to abrasion and puncture. Our outer woven polypropylene layer offers unique one piece construction which eliminates longitudinal seams, adds strength and reduces manufacturing cost and defects.
The GLOBAL TANK tolerates a wide range of temperatures and chemicals, and is virtually impermeable to oxygen and vapour. It resists failure even when quality is tested under the harshest dynamic conditions. The tank insulates well, is resistant against aggressive substances and damage, it is virtually unbreakable and is environmentally friendly. Our high- tech approach to flexitank design and production ensures optimum containment and safety.

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For Non-Foodstuffs

Base Oils
Lube Oils
Paraffin wax
Printing Inks
Natural Latex
Synthetic Latex
Non-Hazardous Chemicals
Crude Oils

What we offer?
Step-by-step training in the use of our Flexitanks for all first-time customers.
A custom designed package that is tailored to fit your Flexitank needs.
Total logistical support whenever / wherever needed from Direct Sale to complete Full Service packages.
A large Flexitank inventory on the ground in the US, Europe & Asia.
Worldwide Flexitank Agency network and a Global response team.
Ergonomic Flexitank design and standard industry fittings allow easy loading and unloading.
Low cost marine cargo insurance available, tailored for every Flexitank shipment.

Please contact us if need more additional details.

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