World Lubricant Demand by Regions

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World lubricant demand will increase 1.6 percent per year.

World Lubricant Demand by Regions

Asia/Pacific              39%
North America         25%
Western Europe      13%
Other Regions         23%

Although growth will be modest in volume terms, value gains will be more substantial as more expensive high performance lubricants are substituted for lower value ones. Increases will be aided by the ongoing expansion of the world motor vehicle park, as well as by a rebound in manufacturing and other industrial activity from the global economic slowdown of 2008 and 2009.

Advances will be the strongest in the developing Asian countries due to ongoing rapid industrialization as well as rising car ownership rates, particularly in China. These trends will also favor growth in the Africa/Mideast region and Latin America. In contrast, greater availability of high performance lubricants, increased global competition and increasingly stringent environmental regulations will restrain advances or contribute to negative growth in lubricant demand in the more developed countries of Western Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in the EuropeanUnion member countries of Eastern Europe and in Japan.
article: *Freedonia Research.

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