Lubrita Compressor oils for High Equimpent Efficiency

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Lubrita Compressor Oil VDL 46 delivered to Israel customer.
This compressor oil is based upon top-grade selected solvent-refined base oils, with a natural high resistance against oxidation. Under addition of additives this compressor oil meets the following properties:

• low carbon-forming tendencies
• good oxidation stability
• a very good protection against corrosion
• good anti-wear properties
• low volatility

This Lubrita compressor oil is recommended for the crankcase and cylinder lubrication of reciprocating air compressors, but also for the lubrication of drip feed rotary sliding vane compressors. This compressor oil has low carbon-forming tendencies and minimises the formation of deposits in the discharge system at the temperature range where these compressors operate. Due to the high quality of this compressor oil, mostly the service interval can be extended.

Lubrita Compressor Oil VDL 46 meets the following performance specifications:
DIN 51506 VDL DIN 51352, part 2

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