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Lubrita lubricant Company born in Europe and working Worldwide!
We manufacture, develop and market automotive and industrial lubricants, satisfying the needs of our customers in a wide range of market sectors. Our mission is to develop long term and mutually beneficial customer relationships, whilst safeguarding the health, safety and environment of all persons and places affected by our business activities. We only manufacture products that are equivalent or superior in quality to any product on the market and supply them with a level of service that our customers expect. This quality premium is achieved by using best base oils and additive packages, refined to produce the highest quality lubrita lubes at refinery in the Netherlands.

Lubrita oils and lubricants supply by categories and market sectors:
Racing engine oils
Passenger vehicle engine oils (PVL, PCMO)
Heavy duty diesel engine oils (CVL, HDEO)
Agricultural oils (AGRI)
Automotive gear oils
Automatic transmission fluids (ATF)
Hydraulic oils
Biodegradable Hydraulic oils
Industrial Gear oils
Compressor oils
Refrigerator oils
Turbine oils
Slideway oils
Vacuum pump oils
Pneumatic Tools oils
Chain-saw oils
Industrial form oils / mould oils
Spindle oils
White oils
Industrial Gas engines oils
Metal working oils / MWO
Motorcycles 4T oils
Motorcycles 2T oils
Motorcycles Fork oils
Outboard - Boats oils
Marine oils
Steam-cylinder oils
Heat transfer thermo oils
Brake fluids
Various Special products

Our worldwide business philosophy is to listen to our customers to understand their business needs, improve their productivity and profitability. In this way we will grow our reputation as the product, service and solution provider.
We are reliable oils supplier, please contact us for more detailed information regarding cooperation by phone or email.


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