Lubrita Quality and Sustainability

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Lubrita Quality and Sustainability
When quality and reliability are essential Manufacturing is done in accordance certificated with ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004 and OHSAS-18001:2007, which means that our policy is aimed at meeting our customers requirements as much as possible, without losing sight of aspects like security, health and environment. With our extensive range of high quality oils a growing number customers now trust Lubrita lubricants to provide cleaner running engines, better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs and longer equipment life.

Lubrita Lubricants and Greases
Racing engine oils, Industrial Gas engines oils, Passenger vehicle engine oil, Metal working oils, Heavy duty diesel engine oils, Motorcycles 4T oils, Agricultural oils, Motorcycles 2T oils, Automotive gear oils Motorcycles Fork oils, Automatic transmission fluids, Outboard - Boats oils, Hydraulic oils, Marine lubricants, Biodegradable Hydraulic oils, Steam cylinder oils, Industrial Gear oils, Heat transfer thermo oils, Compressor oils, Transformer oils, Refrigerator oils, Brake fluids, Turbine oils, Various petroleum products, Slideway oils,Vacuum pump oils, Pneumatic Tools oils, Chain - saw oils, Industrial form and Mould oils, Spindle oils, White technical oils, various application Lubrita greases.

Excellent Technical Support
We are not just supplying oil and grease, our products are backed up by an accessible technical support service that’s open to all customers. Available oil sampling services, which allow you to monitor the condition of your automotive engine oils, as well oils for variuos industrial equimpent.  These lube diagnostic tools designed to help you manage your fleet, automotive and industrial equimpent more effectively. Our commitment to improving our products and developing new, more effective ones is ongoing and following markets trends. Our technical teams constantly developing new approaches and reviewing existing products regularly to identify further opportunities for development new technologies as life moves on. We working with leading base oils and additives suppliers to develop and bring to market the most technologically advanced petrolem products. Every part of your car engine, machine or process has been meticulously engineered, so you need to use a lubricant that has been designed to ensure that your equipment is well protected and works long and efficiently without outages.

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