Lubrita Racing Oil series RSV are fully synthetic engine oils, designed for racing cars

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Lubrita Synthetic Racing motor oils provide very high lubricating performance and engine protection.
Racing Oil series RSV are fully synthetic engine oils, designed for race cars and racing conditions:

Lubrita Racing Oil RSV-189 SAE 10W-60
Lubrita Racing Oil RSV-170 SAE 0W-30
Lubrita Racing Oil RSV-165 SAE 5W-40
Lubrita Racing Oil RSV-164 SAE 10W-30

Product Description and Benefits
Fully synthetic engine oils based on carefully selected high quality synthetic base oils, all of which already have a natural, high viscosity index and which advanced and well balanced additives in order to obtain the following best properties:

very low tendency to evaporation
high and very stable viscosity index
good resistance against shearing
high resistance against aging
safe lubrication film at low and very high temperatures
very good detergency and dispersion power
very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming

Fully synthetic engine oils, designed for cars for race conditions where the highest performance is required.
This oils proven its quality under the most extreme conditions particularly in race competitions.

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