Do’s and Don’ts for automotive oil maintenance


If you feel annoyed, intimidated or frustrated whenever you went out for car repairs, then you are not alone. As according to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, auto repair fraud are being consistently ranked among the complaints they receive from their top consumer.
While most of the auto repairs are genuine and authorized from the manufacturers, but still some unscrupulous individuals will still finds way to swindle inexperienced car owners, by manipulating them to perform unauthorized or unnecessary repairs, used replacement parts, substituting counterfeit or even performing shoddy repairs that lives become endangered.
Some of the tips are here to be more informed and to avoid many common scams:

•    Look for a trusted or authentic repair shops which are already lined up before you even need. Take help from your friend or auto insurance companies for recommendations, or look on internet for Better Business bureau website for accredited business.
•    Discuss with the state office of Attorney General (, whether for any complaints which have been filed next to prospective mechanics.
•    Search for currently certified mechanics by “National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence” on internet by visiting their website ( or look for authorized insurer’s repair network.
•    If your car is still in warranty you would be recommended to use only authorized dealerships.

When your car requires major work then it’s time to gather few estimates for comparison. When you have selected a repair showroom, do take detailed invoice of estimates before authorizing repairs. Do specify them that you must be informed for granting permission before installing additional repairs or equipments. You are not alone, if you are still unsatisfied or frustrated while taking your car for repairs.

Do ensure the work order clearly specifies:
•    Repairs to be made
•    Easy and adequate payment methods
•    On time task completion
•     Reassembly or Diagnostic charges if you want to go for a second opinion or wants to have the work done elsewhere.
•    Ensure your final repair bills which contains all item sizes, work completion details and additional parts used, do ask the repair person to show all the replace parts or newly installed parts and give information on work done. Also ask for bill and warranty card for newly installed items, in case any problem occurs in future so you have the contractual proof about the car repairs.
Beware of common scams:
•    They will try to manipulate you in giving you verbal estimates first then charge much higher price. Make sure you get prices in writing.
•    A local shop will always try to lure in Low and cheap cost for brake inspection, oil change, etc and pads the work order with other repairs which you doesn’t requires. If you still not satisfied and have doubts, get a second opinion.
•    Always read your warranty carefully, they will try to charge you for the services that are already in warranty. 
Fraudulent mechanics have been known to impose intentional damage during an inspection in order to boost up the needed repairs.

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