Reasons to Upgrade to Synthetic Compressor Oil

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Whether you are owner of any business of construction or a manufacturer or you does equipment maintenance, you will definitely save much time by upgrading your Air compressor lubricant from mineral based oils Synthetic Lubricant.
If you are industrial or manufacturer, you will save money by upgrading to synthetic oil.
If you are the one who does equipment maintenance and changes oil, then you will have less frequent oil change.
Here are the eight benefits from upgrading to quality Synthetic Air Compressor oil in the Reciprocating Type Compressors:
1- It saves 6% to10% in Electrical Usage in Reciprocating Compressors.
2- It creates Less Friction which equals to less wear
3- Synthetic air compressor oil will last up to 7 times longer than the mineral based oils
4- No Carbon deposit build up in Rings or Valves
5- It creates Solvency and Thermal Stability
6- It doesn’t requires Seasonal Oil Change as with mineral oil
7- Fewer impact on Environment – Eco friendly
8- Saves on Disposal Cost and Labor
Below are the eight benefits from upgrading to Synthetic Air Compressor Oils in Rotary Vane Type Compressors: 
1- It saves more than 9% to 12% in Electrical Usage in Rotary Vane Type Compressors
2- It Creates Less Friction which Equals to Less Wear
3- Synthetic lubricants can lasts up to 5 Times longer than mineral based lubricants
4- No Carbon buildup in Ports or Vanes
5- Results in Thermal Solvency and Stability
6- No or less Seasonal Oil Change
7- Lesser Impact on Environment
8- Save Money on Disposal Costs and Labor
Why to Upgrade to Good Quality?
Upgrading to good quality Synthetic Compressor Oil gives you an advance edge technology in lubricants:
Even the initial cost is a bit higher but eventually you will earn profit from big over all savings. 
It also improves the fire resistance ability because of the synthetic oil properties. With cleaner valves and with les lubricant will reduce the fire explosions chances in (RACS) reciprocating air compressor system.
Synthetic oil provides advance cleanliness in RACS reciprocating air compressor system’s crankcases which will results prevention from sticking in moving parts and from better heat transfer. Thus the results can be less power usage.
There are many of other scientific high tech research and reports regarding synthetic lubricant, which you can read online but Upgrading to Synthetic Air compressor lubricant can save both time and money.

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