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LUBRITA product - German TUV Certificate received!

Lubrita fuel additives nano engine protection.jpg

2018 07 12

Lubrita Nano Engine Super Protection officially approved by German TUV. ...


LUBRITA Eco Life C3 DX2 officialy approved by Mercedes-Benz

Lubrita Europe BV lubricants oils Auto-Poster_v3.jpg

2018 07 11

Energy-effecient engine oil for year-round use, and is ideal for all modern petrol and diesel car engines. ...


LUBRITA motorcycles oils received official JASO MA-2 approval

Lubrita Motorcycles Oils and lubricants JASO MA-2 poster opt1.jpg

2018 05 15

Japan Lubricating Oil Society (JALOS) is an organization officially approved  Lubrita moto oils. ...


LUBRITA Biodegradable oils and lubricants

Lubrita biodegradable oils and lubricants.jpg

2018 05 11

The global bio-lubricants market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% till 2022 ...


LUBRITA team proud to announce we received JASO MA2 official approvals for motorcycle oils

Lubrita motorcycle oils_4T_Jaso_MA2_approval.jpg

2018 03 23

JASO MA2 engine oil for motorcycles meets the highest demand of the OEM manufacturer's. ...