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LUBRITA family members weekend at UIM F2 Championship

Lubrita_UIM F2_racing.jpg

2017 06 12

Great event 2017 UIM F2 Lithuania Grand Prix: Kaunas 10th, 11th June. ...


LUBRITA High Efficiency lubes and motor oils specifications in details

classification of engine motor oils_Lubrita news_020617.jpg

2017 06 02

Lubricants performance categories: API, ACEA, JASO  classification,  OEM‘s - automobile and engine manufacturers.



LUBRITA Racing Team in South Korea!

Lubrita lubricants racing team South Korea.jpg

2017 05 30

Lubrita Europe very proud about partnership with South Korean Distributor. ...


LUBRITA technical article about chemistry of crude oil

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2017 05 26

Role of crude oil in the manufacture of base stock. ...


LUBRITA Brake Fluids - DOT3, DOT4, DOT5 and DOT 5.1


2017 05 05

Braking Systems and Brake Fluids in  more technical details.. ...