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LUBRITA multipurpose high quality grease for bearings

Lubrita high quality grease_lubigrease EP2 Cartridge 400g.jpg

2018 02 27

Lubrigrease Universal EP 2 is a lithium thickened lubricating grease. ...


LUBRITA CT 5 A - introduced solvent oil based rust preventative product


2018 02 14

Multi purpose Rust Preventive Oil, long term storage up to 3 years in door storage. ...


LUBRITA commitment to sustainability isn’t only about operating our own company in an environmentally responsible way

Lubrita Europe lubricants and sustainability.jpg

2018 02 08

We operate in balance for economic growth, social development, environmental protection. ...


LUBRITA Agri Machinery oils and market trends to 2022


2018 02 01

Agricultural Lubricants, Mineral Oil Lubricants, Synthetic Lubricants, Bio-Based Lubricants, Application, Engines, Gear & Transmission, Hydraulics, Greasing.. ...


LUBRITA increasing Brand awareness worldwide!

Lubrita lubricants check oil level tape.jpg

2018 01 09

Branded tape designed and produced... ...