Lubrita Company
based in Europe - working Worldwide

Lubrita International brands: Lubrita check oil level, Lubrita lubricants, Lubrita greases, Lubrita ceaners, Lubrita aerosols.
We provide a comprehensive selection of high quality lubricating products manufactured for today’s markets.  

Lubrita Products
Designed For High Efficiency
lubricants, greases, chemicals, cleaners, aerosols

The main Lubrita lubricants plant located at one of the biggest international factory in Europe near the sea port of Rotterdam in Netherlands (Holland), with a large storage capacity for base oils and storage tanks for the finished products and additives, which makes it an exceptionally attractive Lubrita International position in the Global Market.
Productions at the factory is increasing with a current production capacity of over 130.000 tons finished lubricants per year. The Lubrita lubricants products range are developed and produced by specialists from a wide variety of base oils and additives to meet latest lubricants specifications and approvals –OEM‘s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EB‘s (Equipment Builders) engineering recommendations. In addition to production, we also provide support to our customers for the transportation of Lubrita products by bulk, sea-going containers, flexi-tanks or road trucks for packed goods.

Lubrita Quality and Sustainability
When quality and reliability are essential

Manufacturing is done in accordance certificated with
ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004 and OHSAS-18001:2007
which means that our policy is aimed at meeting our customers requirements as much as possible, without losing sight of aspects like security, health and environment. With our extensive range of high quality oils a growing number customers now trust Lubrita lubricants to provide cleaner running engines, better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs and longer equipment life.

Lubrita Lubricants
Racing engine oils, Passenger vehicle engine oils, Heavy duty diesel engine oils, Agricultural oils, Automotive gear oils, Automatic transmission fluids( ATF), Hydraulic oils, Biodegradable Hydraulic oils, Industrial Gear oils, Compressor oils, Refrigerator oils, Turbine oils, Slideway oils, Vacuum pump oils, Pneumatic Tools oils, Chain-saw oils, Industrial form and Mould oils, Spindle oils, White oils, Industrial Gas engines oils, Metal working oils / MWO, Motorcycles 4T oils, Motorcycles 2T oils, Motorcycles Fork oils, Outboard - Boats oils, Marine oils, Steam cylinder oils, Heat transfer thermo oils, Transformer oils, Brake fluids, Various petroleum products...

Lubrita International with Exclusive Market Distributors offering personalized sales and marketing support, high edge products for their specific markets, and responding to customers needs with a flexible user innovation model. With all of its products, Lubrita improves personal safety by taking on global traffic challenges. We invest heavily in products development and research to produce the most advanced lubricant formulations and offering to the market creative solutions. We are quick to adopt new technologies and advances, and to recognise how these can be developed for our customers benefits. Working with us, Lubrita oils brings for our customers significant cost saving , lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime and prolonged engine life.
Constant innovation has created a range of Lubrita products, which shows perfect results and efficiency!

Excellent Technical Support
We are not just supplying oil and grease, our products are backed up by an accessible technical support service that’s open to all customers. Available oil sampling services, which allow you to monitor the condition of your automotive engine oils, as well oils for variuos industrial equimpent. These lube diagnostic tools designed to help you manage your fleet, automotive and industrial equimpent more effectively. Our commitment to improving our products and developing new, more effective ones is ongoing and following markets trends. Our technical teams constantly developing new approaches and reviewing existing products regularly to identify further opportunities for development new technologies as life moves on. We working with leading base oils and additives suppliers to develop and bring to market the most technologically advanced petrolem products. Every part of your car engine, machine or process has been meticulously engineered, so you need to use a lubricant that has been designed to ensure that your equipment is well protected and works long and efficiently without outages.
We working hard to keep our customers in the lead position!

The independent company Lubrita is a leading lubricating grease supplier, from Sweden, Netherlands, France and the USA. Production capacity of variuos lubricating greases over 30.000 tons per year. Based on more than 200 different products formulations. These products have been designed to meet consumer requirements in a wide range of different applications. We are able to supply greases to many different industries, including ranges of industrial and automotive greases developed for different applications, including: low-temperature grease, general multipurpose grease, multipurpose MoS2 grease, multipurpose graphite grease, multipurpose grease, MB approved grease, automotive centralised lubrication systems grease, universal EP grease, MB & MAN approved, universal EP grease with MoS2, universal EP grease, CLS grease (centralised lubricating systems grease), MB & MAN approved grease, universal aluminium complex grease, universal grease for industrial applications, industrial centralised lubrication systems, wide-temperature grease, extreme heavy-duty grease, slow moving parts, Bentone multipurpose grease, extreme water-resistant grease, rail flange grease, anti-seize compound, biodegradable grease, Willy-Vogel approved, grease for extremely high loads, solid-free open gear lubricant, food machinery grease. NSF H-1 registered synthetic low-temperature grease, synthetic industrial grease, synthetic grease for low-temperature pumpability, multipurpose biodegradable grease, synthetic grease for extremely high temperatures, extreme temperature grease. NSF H-1 registered grease, graphite open-gear compound, industrial heavy-duty grease, biodegradable grease for wet environments, grease for applications with high centrifugal forces, chemical resistant grease, oxygen-compatible BAM-approved and many other formulations.

Lubrita supplies antifreezes and coolants with approvals from OEMs as well as economy grade products without approvals. We supply in bulk (auto cistern, flexi tanks), but can also arrange filling bottles from 1L to IBC 1000 L containers at plant. An extended-life antifreeze coolant, the Lubrita H-XLC has many OEM approvals and is available in two colours - orange and red. The Lubrita H-XLC has been approved by many engine manufactures, both car and truck manufacturers. These approvals include: Ford specification WSS-M97B44-D, Mercedes-Benz specification 325.3, General Motors specification GM 6277M, MAN specification 324 type SNF and Volkswagen specification TL 774F. A complete and up-to-date list with all approvals is available on request. Based on patented silicate-free aliphatic additive technology, the Lubrita H-XLC ensures long-life corrosion protection for all engine metals, including aluminium and ferrous alloys. During extensive fleet testing, the synergistic combination of mono- and dicarboxylates present in this coolant has proven to provide protection for at least 650.000 km (ca. 8.000 hours) in truck & bus applications or 250.000 km (ca. 2.000 hours) for passenger cars or 32.000 hours (or 6 years) for stationary engines.
BS Coolants – an economy product meeting BS – British standard, available in dark blue, light blue, colourless, yellow and green. Lubrita BS Coolant is an economy coolant concentrate providing frost and corrosion protection. The coolant is recommended when price considerations take priority over quality. The Lubrita BS Coolant offers the following benefits to its users: corrosion protection, also for non ferrous metals, frost protection, boiling protection, miscibility, seal compatibility, hard water stability and low cost.

The company where we produce Lubrita special measures and cleaners has been operating since 1879. Our supported Lubrita cleaning products arranged into 3 main groups:

Hand Cleaning products
Industrial Cleaning products
Transport Cleaning products

We provide cleaning products to the agricultural, automotive, construction, food processing, petroleum, petrochemical, processing and production industries, for facilities maintenance, institutional cleaning, shipping (inland navigation, fishery, marine & offshore) and for transport cleaning (car washes, truck washes and in aviation) under Lubrita brand names.

Aerosols and Sprays
Industrial works are inconceivable without technical aerosols. It is unlikely to find where these comfortable universal measures are not used. Aerosols apply to the heating, air conditioning, and sanitary ware, vehicles, in various industries, construction, the forestry sector, and services. Our customers and business partners are pleased with its very high quality and assistance consultation. To meet the latest needs of the market we are constantly improving our products and continuing to expand our offered services. Our new products currently account for more than 150 various aerosol sprays products produced in Germany. They are presented in different forms of packaging depending on use.

Exceptionally attractive position in the Global market 
LUBRITA International (B2B, Business to Business) and LUBRITA check oil level conception (B2C, Business to Consumer). Our company provides a comprehensive selection of high quality automotive and industrial oils, lubricants and greases manufactured for today’s markets. 

Trade mark


LUBRITA Check Oil Level
Trade mark Registered 02/05/2011




This Certificate of Registration is hereby issued for the

Community Trade Mark identified below. The

corresponding entries have been recorded in the

Register of Community Trade Marks

Registration No 009507708


LUBRITA International supplies a complete range of Lubrita Products for a limited number of customers. So, we would like to have one main importer-distributor per country. The factory is set for the production of large quantities at the same time. Besides production, we also provide support for the transportation of the Lubrita lubricants to the customers. This transportation goes by ships containers, tankers or by road heavy trucks. 


The Factory has fully equipped ISO 2001 certified laboratory and a large scale of special equipment. These equipment are being used for the analyses of each new lubricant blend, fuel samples and used lubricant for third parties. Each incoming sample gets its own barcode and will be analysed and stored for short time.


  • We are an open and efficient company, which support its distributors.
  • All Lubrita branded products are carefully selected to meet today's needs and lubricants applications.
  • Lubrita Products are regularly tested and approved by many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EC (Equipment Builder) manufacturers.
  • Globally available through LUBRITA INTERNATIONAL official distributors.


Lubrita International offer

  • High quality LUBRITA oil products 
  • Profitible business for distributors
  • Trusted superior performance
  • Problem solving for customers
  • Technical Innovation
  • Excellent technical and after sales support


Company goal is a high European standard and service level on a Worldwide scale by selecting experienced and highly motivated Distributors, providing the best local service, together with LUBRITA International Team.


If You interested in additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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