Business format franchise – is a popular type of co-operation and includes more business areas. With business-format franchising, the franchisee sell goods, provide services and obtains access to the franchise lender brands. The most important is that the franchisee receives detailed description of the business management techniques. Methodology explains how to manage the whole business and each of its components separately. Following the approval of a business format franchise, the franchisor introduces your business whose success has mostly been tested in practice.
It is the LUBRITA franchisee immediately receive - "well done" business.


PMM Ltd. is the owner of international franchisor of the LUBRITA Concept and aims to make LUBRITA online platforms and products more accessible to as many countries as possible by franchising the LUBRITA to franchisees.
Rights to franchise the LUBRITA is only granted in new countries with no existing LUBRITA operations.


PMM Ltd. is constantly evaluating new countries and is following a long-term strategic expansion plan, which sets our priorities of future growth. Decision to enter a new country is made after a thorough market study and a franchisee will be carefully evaluated and approved.

When selecting franchisees, amongst other things, we evaluate the following:

  • Oils and lubricants business experience
  • Extensive local oils and lubricants market knowledge and presence
  • Corporate culture and values
  • Financial strength and ability to carry the investment penetrating a country in full retail and/or wholesale environment format

Franchisee must demonstrate its ability to establish and operate LUBRITA the present country.

Advantages of having franchises

  • This is an independent company which enjoys freedom in managing its business.
  • The recipient is connected to a network of franchises of the well known LUBRITA brand name, which also attracts more customers.
  • The franchisee's success is higher, due to an already tested business concepts and experienced specialist techniques.
  • The franchisee receives support, training, global advertising, marketing, business management techniques, technical support and advice.
  • If the network is sufficiently large, it’s members takes on greater purchasing power and therefore lower prices for goods and services.


If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us in writing and according to the above. Thank you for your interest in the LUBRITA, we sincerely appreciate it.

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